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Anyone interested in making a colab? I haven't dusted of flash in about a year, but I can do better than the 5 min turds I did before...


2008-06-27 17:57:57 by i-am-the-lizard-king

if you want me to contribute to your collab or animation, ill be glad to help :D


2007-12-05 22:32:25 by i-am-the-lizard-king

How many people like sledding here on NG? Up here in the North-east we've got some ice storms coming

time to break out the digital and record some videos of my friends nearly killing themselves or splitting their heads open of a maple tree... wholesome family fun!



2007-08-16 01:40:40 by i-am-the-lizard-king

one question... is a keygen really THAT illegal? lol